REPUBLİC OF TURKEY MINISTRY OF HEALTH İzmir Provincial Health Directorat Izmir Katip Celebi University Atatürk Education and Research Hospital

REPUBLİC OF TURKEY MINISTRY OF HEALTH İzmir Provincial Health Directorat Izmir Katip Celebi University Atatürk Education and Research Hospital

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Updated: 02/10/2018

From İzmir Gurabayı Müslim in Hospital to İzmir Atatürk Training and Research Hospital The first hospitals operating in our province were minority hospitals. These can be named as ; Dutch Hospital (1670), Saint Antuan Hospital (1710), Rum Gureba Hospital (Saint Haralambo, 1748), French Hospital (1749), Armenian Gureba Hospital (1801), Judaic Hospital of the Nation (1843), British Hospital (1850), Scottish Hospital (1882). In 1829, the Military Hospital, which provided health services in a building rented in Karataş district, was inadequate. In order to be a Turkish and Muslim group treatment in minority hospitals, they were required to pay high price and consular permission. The solution was to open a Turkish and Muslim hospital. The construction of Gurebayı Muslim Hospital was started in 1848 by Emin Muhlis Pasha with the permission of Sultan Abdülmecid and completed in 1851. It was a two-story Stone building with a capacity of 60 beds. At that time the hospital began to serve with ; a physician ,a surgeon , a pharmacist , a manager and a clerk.In 1851, Emin Muhlis Pasha ordered the Gurebayı Muslim Hospital Regulation. The hospital administration was left to a delegation of benevolent people. The first board of directors were; Osmanzade Hacı Hüsnü Pasha Reis (Honorary Minister), Zeki Bey (Sıhhiye Inspector), Hafız Tevfik (Director), Mustafa Efendi (Sandık Emini), Trader Hacı Ağabeyzade Cemal Efendi (Aza), Cevahirci Hacı Hafız Mehmet (Aza), Clock Trader Ahmet It was Sait (Aza). There were 17 wards in the hospital (2 reserved to prisoners, 4 to women and 11 to men) and there was also a Masjid,an administration room, an operating room,a cellar,a kitchen, a gaslhane,a laundry, two depots, two examination rooms, a quarantine room, a pharmacy and a pharmacy store .The budget was 1650 pounds in 1875.

     Our hospital was opened in 1851 and our hospital’s first Turkish Chief Physician was Dr.Mustafa Enver in 1876. Each year the Sultan gave  44 pounds, 95 cents 84 money to Hospital and also;fruit weighed from hans, taxes from the hay wreck, donations, income from the hospital income, pure water and roses produced from the sale of roses (35 pounds per month), from the gravediggers that buries the dead and earns 350 pounds received in a year ,Money taken from the yemiş market seat were also constituted the income of the hospital.Ali Pasha, created an income with clinical proceeds;funds received from treatments,the pharmacy and labaratory income was composed of hospital revenues.The number of beds increased over time, the number of beds in the war was reduced from 250 to 80, civil servants, doctor and employee numbers are reduced. In 1920, part of the hospital served as an American Red Cross Hospital with 15 doctors. In the first years of the Republic (1923) with the help of Izmir Hilal-i Ahmer Society first rontgen machine was taken to the hospital, a dispensary was built in 1926, and in 1931 a two-storey additional internal medicine building was built. In 1932, the bed capacity was increased to 300, and in 1851 our hospital "Gurebayı Müslim in Hospital" was established in today's Konak Maternity Hospital. In 1914, the hospital was transferred to the private administration as "Izmir Memleket Hospital" .In 1982, with 900 bed capacity, the current location of Atatürk Health Site Izmir State Hospital and moved today as the Izmir Katip Çelebi University Atatürk Training and Research Hospital continues to serve.

     Our hospital, which was established on 54 acres in 1982, managed to carry our service standards to 100.000m2 closed are a with the addition of our Emergency Room and Polyclinic building in April 2006 with 171 beds.

     As of the end of 2012, it has been established on an area of 3.600m2 and has a closed area of 36.000m2.